The Best Computer Reading Glasses Ease Symptoms, Increase Productivity

Choosing the right computer reading glasses can make a remarkable difference in the quality of your life, especially if spending hours at the computer every day is an essential part of your job or hobby.

Deciding among the many anti-glare glasses and other products on the market can be a bit of job itself, but I’ve identified two choices that will serve you well and help you get on with the work you need to do and the close-up tasks you enjoy.

While I’ve found that low power reading glasses have made a huge difference in my life, these two models of computer reading glasses also work very well for me in reducing computer eye strain, dry eyes and other symptoms of spending too long in front of a screen.

Economical Computer Glasses For Everyone

A big part of computer vision syndrome is glare from your monitor. You can eliminate the glare and effectively reduce your symptoms when you turn to VS Eyewear’s Clear Polycarbonate Double Sided Anti-reflective Coating, Scratch Coating and UV Protection — available from Amazon. I admit that the name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but they work.

They have very slight magnification that makes your screen seem bigger. And they don’t have much noticeable tint, so they’re not something you’d be ashamed to wear in front of people. While they’re only offered in a simple black frame, that frame type happens to be very much in style at the moment. These glasses look like the so-called geek glasses that celebrities and young models wear now. And since the styling is simple without any adornment, they look good on both men and women, no matter your age.

More importantly, however, these eyeglasses can help your blurriness, tired eyes and headaches, allowing you to get your work done without hassles, pain or irritation. And since they’re economical, you can probably afford to get a pair for both work and home.

A Step Up To Gunnar Anti-Glare Glasses

If you need lenses with a bit more engineering behind them to solve your problems — or if you want some cool glasses that look like something you should wear for high-tech computer work or gaming — consider the Gunnar Optiks Ergonomic Advanced Computer Glasses — also available from Amazon. You have some choices on frames and lens tint, but these have a modern look and a noticeable tint that does a bit better job protecting you from glare, reducing strain and enhancing the colors you see on your computer screen than less expensive options.

These glasses provide many of the same features as the others, but they look the part and are a bit more carefully made so that you get exactly what you want — precise, no-nonsense glasses that allow you to work on the computer for hours at a time without bothersome symptoms.

The technology in the Gunnar lenses allows for sharper images and greater comfort while in use. The frames are also upgraded a bit so they last longer, fit snuggly and work with all head sizes and shapes without professional adjustment.

Final Thoughts

If you’re having computer-related eye symptoms, computer reading glasses are the first place to start on your pathway toward a completely symptom-free life. While some users also need lubricating eye drops, many find that anti-glare glasses are all they need.

When you choose the right computer reading glasses, you can work longer and more accurately at the computer, making you a more productive work-at-home businessperson, a better gamer or a more valuable part of your company.

In fact, when you can see your monitor without glare, pain, strain or irritation, your potential is limitless.

Visit Amazon to see the Gunnar glasses mentioned in this article and explore other choices. You’ll get the best price there — and quick delivery.

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