Low-Power Reading Glasses: 4 Reasons They’re A Productivity Tool

For maximum productivity, everything needs to be perfect. When you have trouble seeing, it seems as if nothing else matters. Trying to work through blurry eyes means that nothing gets done.

It’s no exaggeration to say that low-power reading glasses saved my writing career. They can make a huge difference in whatever you do at your computer too.

My path towards clearer vision began with a trip to my optometrist’s office. I thought the problem I was having was unique, but it turned out to be one of the most common problems that optometrists see. Dry eyes and blurred vision from spending too many hours at the computer screen is derailing many people’s lives and passions.

I don’t offer medical advice, but I can tell you that low-power reading glasses made a huge difference for me. You may want to contact an optometrist or ophthalmologist to see if low-power readers can make a difference for you. If not, other solutions may be available.

Here are four ways low-power reading glasses can make a difference in your life:

1. Reading glasses take away the strain. The reading glasses that my optometrist prescribed for me to use at the computer are one of the lowest strengths available. They’re only 0.5 diopters. But they changed my life and my work. Just that little bit of help for my eyes allowed me to work for longer at a time and with less itching, pain and discomfort in my eyes.

2. Readers block the wind. You might be surprised how much difference it makes simply putting something over your eyes. Low-power readers block the wind from your face, making it easier for your natural tears to do their work lubricating your eyes and keeping them feeling great.

3. Glasses keep you from messing with your eyes. Many of us rub our eyes frequently because we have pain and discomfort that causes us reach for our faces to try to get rid of it. But all that rubbing is doing more harm than good. You may not even realize you’re doing it. But your eye doctor will surely tell you that touching your eyes and eyelids further irritates them, and that’s no good.

4. Putting on glasses is a signal that it’s work time. Sometimes, your body needs a signal that it’s time to get serious about work. Low-power reading glasses may be just the signal that you and your body need to increase your productivity. It’s not always about eye pain, burning or blurriness. A cue like putting on glasses can tell your brain that work takes priority over slacking off. (For certain close-up work, you may benefit from specialty eyewear or high power reading glasses).

You may not think of reading glasses as a productivity tool. But for me, they absolutely are. I work better and with fewer eye symptoms when I wear my readers every time I sit down at the computer. Better productivity might become a reality for you too when you consider how some inexpensive spectacles can help make your work life better.

Low-power reading glasses gave me the boost and help I needed to move forward. Let them help you move forward too.

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