Do PC Peekers Computer Glasses Help Computer Vision Syndrome?

Several manufacturers make computer monitor glasses of one kind or another because so many of us deal with computer vision syndrome, tired eyes and other eye health issues related to the hours we spend at the computer.

One popular brand of computer lenses is called PC Peekers, and they work a bit differently from the low power reading glasses I use and recommend. They’re intended for people who wear prescription glasses with bifocals but find them difficult to use at the computer.

The reports about these special lenses that fit between your face and your regular glasses are amazing. People seem to like them, but how do they work? And can they help as much as people say? Let’s take a look.

How Do PC Peekers Work?

Bifocals aren’t in the right place for computer users. Most prescription glasses are designed with the portion of the lens intended for close-up work at the bottom. Glasses for computer use should have that portion at the top.

Some people have a special pair of glasses made just to use at the computer while others rely on drugstore reading glasses to help them see the monitor. But either of those choices means frequently changing glasses, and it means they can’t see at a distance if they don’t have their regular glasses close at hand.

PC Peekers computer glasses are a so-called “lens aid” that solves the problem of using bifocals at the computer for a very low cost.

When you slip this aid behind your regular glasses, it creates a wide and clear zone of close-up vision at the top half of your prescription glasses. That means you don’t have to bob your head up and down to locate the bifocal part of your lenses, and that saves you from headaches and neck strain.

Repetitive motion injuries to your neck, head and even your jaw can result from moving your head around constantly trying to see, and these special computer monitor glasses solve that problem.

Even better, you don’t have to take your regular glasses off to use PC Peekers, so there’s no chance of losing them or walking off without the wrong glasses on.

Some people are understandably skeptical that a single pair of computer lenses can work no matter your prescription, but because this aid is an insert that works along with your regular glasses, it works for just about everyone.

Where To Find PC Peekers

It used to be difficult to find PC Peekers or any useful computer lenses, but now they are available from the maker’s own website, (And I’ve recently confirmed that PC Peekers are still available from the maker and other sources.)

PC Peekers are easy to use because one size fits most adults — and they’re easy to carry. Most users keep a pair at work, a pair at their desk at home and perhaps a pair in the car, in their pocket or in their purse if they often use a computer at a library, coffee shop or friend’s house.

If you don’t wear prescription glasses, PC Peekers aren’t for you. But if you wear bifocals and find that the up-close portion of your lenses is in the wrong place for computer use, PC Peekers could be just the computer monitor glasses you’re looking for.

In addition to seeing better at the computer than you ever have, your eyes may feel less tired and perhaps less dry. If you’ve had pain from eye strain or constantly moving your neck, you may not have it anymore. That means your computer vision syndrome symptoms and other issues are clearing up while you’re getting more done than before.

With a low price, easy availability and the potential to help you so much, why not give them a try?

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