Computer Reading Glasses And Lubricating Eye Drops Saved My Writing Career

This website is the result of my concern for my eye health — and yours too. I was really worried about myself, but I found that computer reading glasses and lubricating eye drops saved my writing career and gave me back an important part of my life. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue working as a freelance writer — a job a love — because my eyes seemed to be failing me.

They weren’t failing, however. My eyes were just crying out for attention. To be more precise, they were so dry they weren’t crying at all.

By the time I finally went to an optometrist, only 20 minutes at the computer would cause my eyes to hurt so much I couldn’t continue my work. My eyes were so dry from not blinking enough during my work that I was in serious pain.

In addition, the over-the-counter allergy medications I was taking every day for other symptoms were helping with my congestion and headaches, but they were also drying my eyes, making things even worse. I also have a family history of chronic dry eye and of more serious eye problems, too, so I was deeply scared by the time I finally went to the eye doctor.

Fortunately, there was nothing seriously wrong with my eyes.

The eye doctor said many of his patients visit him looking for the same kind of help I needed.

Better Than Most

I was very fortunate because I started with perfect vision.

Before I started experiencing blurriness and discomfort from chronic dry eye and using the computer too much, I could always see perfectly. In the months just before my problem got so bad I had to get help, I had noticed objects at some distances weren’t as clear as they once were, but I still started in a really good place.

Having good vision doesn’t save you from computer vision syndrome, however.

Computer screens are often located at a distance that’s hard for us to deal with. Our eyes are trained from an early age to read up close and to view the rest of the world from a distance. But computer screens are often just a few inches too far away for our close-up vision to deal with them and too close to properly engage our distance vision.

My good vision was strained because I was spending hours each day doing something that’s very hard for eyes to do. It’s no wonder that I was having problems.

My Solution

My eye problem isn’t characterized as serious, but it was debilitating to me. I simply couldn’t get any work done because I couldn’t look at the computer.

The eye doctor thoroughly tested my eyes and had some good news: I had a very common problem that was easily treatable. Can you imagine how much of a relief that was to me? I needed computer reading glasses — not available at drugstores because the power is so low — plus some lubricating eye drops. He recommended Blink Tears, and now, so do I.

Since I also have allergies, I’ve found that occasional use of allergy eye drops — when my eyes are especially red or gritty in the corners — helps too. The eye doctor didn’t mention those to me, but they’ve been useful to me nonetheless.

Other Steps

In addition to the glasses — which I use only at the computer, not even to read — and the drops, I’ve made a few changes in the way I work.

When I’m proofreading written material on my screen, I expand the image size to “page width” view so I see larger text. That lessens my eye strain and has also improved my proofreading skills.

When I need to read a long document on a web page, I sometimes use the web browser’s built in functions to increase the font size.

I also take more frequent breaks than before, making sure I focus on things at long distances during my breaks. It’s not enough to just rest. Trying to bring distant objects into focus relaxes eyes that are strained from too much work at a single distance.

It All Works Together

This site is proof that my treatment plan for computer vision syndrome and dry eyes works. I made this site to share what I’ve learned, but I couldn’t have stayed at the computer long enough to write these pages if I hadn’t found the help I needed.

Something similar could work for you.

Because I took action, I’m back to writing sites like this one and doing other productive and enjoyable tasks in front of the computer monitor.

Like me, you may find that you don’t have to feel bad or experience vision problems every time you sit down at a computer screen. By taking advantage of computer reading glasses, lubricating eye drops and other products available online, you can feel great and get things done.

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