Lowest Power Reading Glasses Now Easy To Find Online

For years, you couldn’t get the lowest power reading glasses online. You had to special order them from an optician or search through store after store. Now, the lowest power reading glasses are easier to find than ever, and that’s great news if you benefit from them as much as I do — or think you might.

The lowest power reading glasses serve two purposes: they help with computer eye strain by serving as your computer reading glasses to allow you to look at your monitor for more hours each day with fewer problems. And they help you when your close-up vision is just starting to get a bit blurry. If details aren’t as sharp as they once were, that’s a good indication that you could benefit from some of the lowest power reading glasses on the market.

So what are the lowest available?

You may be surprised to learn that you can get glasses with no magnification at all. But those won’t help you unless your problem is wind, glare or something like that. The lowest power reading glasses are those with magnification of just +0.25 diopters, but that’s hardly different from wearing nothing at all. For most practical purposes, the lowest that do any good are +0.50 diopters in magnification.

My Lowest Power Reading Glasses Review

When I first started this site, your only option was to order the glasses you needed from a local optician or from my favorite source of online custom glasses, Zenni Optical. Now, a few choices are popping up online. My favorite are the +0.50 Diopter Rectangular Metal Reading Eyeglasses — available from Amazon. They come in black or silver, and there are also options for +0.75 reading glasses and many other magnifications. Once you get on Amazon, you can explore the options, if you like.

The best thing about these is the low price. While drugstore readers for a similar price are very cheaply made, these have sturdy frames, high-quality lenses with anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating and come in a size that fits most men or women. These are prescription quality for a tenth of the price or less. You could pay $200 or up to $400 for glasses that work just the same if you go to one of those places in the mall.

It’s also great that these come with a case and cleaning cloth. That’s a nice price for a such an inexpensive pair of glasses. Apparently, they can sell these so inexpensively because there’s no intermediary or go-between and they’re available only online, so there’s no high shopping center rent to pay.

The best part about these glasses, however, is that they help. My problem is chronic dry eye and other conditions related to spending so many hours each day in front of the computer. I also had really bad itching and redness as well as blurriness after a couple of hours. All those problems have gone away. I use the lowest power reading glasses along with some artificial tears and I’m good to go for hours longer than before with no symptoms.

It’s been remarkable, and the change can be attributed completely to the glasses.

Final Thoughts About Low Power Readers

Admitting that you need reading glasses sometimes doesn’t necessarily mean you’re admitting getting old. It simply means that you use your eyes heavily or in ways that cause strain and you need a little help. Just be grateful that all you need are the lowest power reading glasses — not something stronger. Most people over 40 need reading glasses, and most people over 25 who work regularly at a computer or doing other close-up work need some kind of eyeglasses — so you’re not alone.

If you need reading glasses, take action now. Order these lowest power reading glasses, use them whenever you need them — and get on with a long, healthy and productive life.

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