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Welcome to Clear Your Eyes. I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Eric Parker, and I’ll guide you through the ways you can manage your computer vision syndrome and other eye symptoms with computer reading glasses, low power reading glasses, lubricating eye drops and more. If you have tired eyes, red eyes or headaches, find info here on what to do next. Here are some places you may want to start:

My Story: Learning To Cope With CVS And Dry Eyes

Computer Vision Syndrome: What It Is And How To Solve It

What Are Computer Glasses — And Do They Help?

More people than ever before are suffering from chronic dry eye and other eye conditions and are looking for computer reading glasses on the Internet and other cheap eyeglasses online that can help them get through day-to-day life easier and with fewer eye problems.

As you will see when you read my story, low power reading glasses have saved my writing career. Lubricating eye drops have played an important role as well. While I still have eye problems from time to time, the daily pain and irritation are gone — and I’m getting work done better than ever before.

If you’re having computer vision syndrome symptoms or other eye health issues, it makes sense to see an eye doctor. But don’t panic or despair. There are solutions on a prescription and non-prescription basis that can make a real difference for you and dramatically improve your work and home life. And I point out a lot of them on this site.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Clear Your Eyes and find your visit to this site useful. My goal in creating it is to help people like you — people like me. With a little help and some good advice, you can put your eye problems behind you and move on with your life.

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