Get Cheap Eyeglasses Online From The Industry Leader And Get Great Quality Too

When you order glasses online, you don’t have to go through the hassles of dealing with an overbearing sales clerk or do your business in full view of other shoppers like you do in those mall places. Instead, you can shop at any hour from the privacy of your own home — and save 90 percent or more.

But that’s not the primary reason people buy glasses online. Did you know that you can get cheap eyeglasses online that are of the same quality as the ones you get in the shops? The huge price difference is because online retailers don’t have to pay high shopping center rent and overhead costs — and Internet sellers can manage with a smaller customer service staff than public locations.

And the savings are dramatic. You can order good-quality glasses online from Zenni Optical for around $7. If you add on some important options like an anti-glare coating, for example, your glasses can still be delivered to you for less than $20. At the mall, the same glasses with the same prescription and the same kind of frames would cost $350 or more.

The Industry Leader In Cheap Eyeglasses Online

Those who regularly order glasses online know one company name stands above the rest: Zenni Optical. That’s because it’s one of the oldest players in the industry and is one of the most respected.

I’ve written a complete Zenni Optical review elsewhere, but I’m discussing the company here in a broader context. While I’ve ordered all my low power reading glasses from the company, that’s not all they do. You can get kid’s glasses, sports glasses, anti-glare glasses and specialty glasses for some industry-specific uses too.

And since the company allows you to upload a photo of yourself, you can try on glasses virtually and see how each frame style works on you. The company provides complete frame measurements, too, so you can compare the frames you’re considering to an old pair or take some measurements of your face to verify the fit if you like.

Complete glasses with nice frames and single-vision lenses are available for $6.95 plus shipping in a variety of frame choices. I recommend the anti-glare coating, which costs about $5 extra, and you’ll pay a bit more for bifocals. In addition, they have more expensive frame choices if you have specific requirements or want something that’s not offered at the $6.95 price.

Lots of people input their prescription, then order three or four pairs. While you can’t always afford multiple pairs of glasses at the mall, you can get lots of different pairs and change up your look frequently when you order online — and still pay less than at those mall places.

My Recommendation To You

What do you have to lose? I’ve found Zenni Optical to be a reputable company that offers great prices and quick delivery. And hundreds — perhaps thousands — of other people are glad to recommend the company too. Your investment to find out just how good they are is small, so why not give them a try?

It’s your money, of course, but it makes sense to save it for something else — or to use the same money you would have spent in a local retail store to buy several pairs as backups or for when a different look is required.

Simply put, I like Zenni Optical. They’ve always done a great job for me — and you can’t beat the price. The company offers an economical alternative to high prices and doesn’t scrimp on quality to do it. It just makes sense to order cheap glasses online from them, the industry leader in online eyeglasses.

Click here to explore Zenni Optical for yourself — and order glasses online for a fraction of what they cost in your neighborhood.

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