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Blink Tears Price Increase: Don’t Be Fooled Into Paying Too Much

Has there been a major Blink Tears price increase? If that’s what you think, you may be looking at the wrong store. Don’t be fooled into paying too much for Blink Tears Eye Drops. The price can vary from store to store and from website to website, but here’s some… Read more »

What Are Computer Reading Glasses? And Do They Help?

Have you heard of computer reading glasses? Lots of companies are now offering special computer glasses, but do they work? And exactly what are they supposed to do anyway? My low-power computer reading glasses make all the difference for me. I can see fine when I’m not using the computer, but… Read more »

Computer Reading Glasses And Lubricating Eye Drops Saved My Writing Career

This website is the result of my concern for my own eye health. I was really worried about myself, but I found that computer reading glasses and lubricating eye drops saved my writing career and gave me back an important part of my life. I was worried that I wouldn’t be… Read more »