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What Are Computer Reading Glasses? And Do They Help?

Have you heard of computer reading glasses? Lots of companies are now offering special computer glasses, but do they work? And exactly what are they supposed to do anyway? My low-power computer reading glasses make all the difference for me. I can see fine when I’m not using the computer, but… Read more »

Get Cheap Eyeglasses Online From The Industry Leader And Get Great Quality Too

When you order glasses online, you don’t have to go through the hassles of dealing with an overbearing sales clerk or do your business in full view of other shoppers like you do in those mall places. Instead, you can shop at any hour from the privacy of your own… Read more »

Low Power Reading Glasses Online: The Zenni Optical Review With Step-By-Step Instructions

With the instructions on this page, it’s easy to order custom-made low power reading glasses and any other kind of eyeglasses you need from Zenni Optical. Even better, the glasses you need to see better and feel better are available for less than $20 per pair delivered. And you don’t… Read more »

What Are The Lowest Power Reading Glasses Available?

Believe it or not, eyeglasses are available with no magnification at all, but there are reasons you might want to wear glasses even if you don’t need magnification. Here’s some information about why people who don’t need magnification might wear glasses — along with some details about low power reading… Read more »

Blink Tears Price Increase: Don’t Be Fooled Into Paying Too Much

Has there been a major Blink Tears price increase? If that’s what you think, you may be looking at the wrong store. Don’t be fooled into paying too much for Blink Tears Eye Drops. The price can vary from store to store and from website to website, but here’s some… Read more »

Do PC Peekers Computer Glasses Help Computer Vision Syndrome?

Several manufacturers make computer monitor glasses of one kind or another because so many of us deal with computer vision syndrome, tired eyes and other eye health issues related to the hours we spend at the computer. One popular brand of computer lenses is called PC Peekers, and they work… Read more »